Founder & Chairman's Message

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Our group, which has been active in the sectors of Textile and Chemistry since the year 1980; from the beginning of 2014, the group has started to continue its operations under the title of TÜKEK HOLDING. We know that we owe the success we have achieved during 32 years to our values, ambition, employees and hard work. Tükek Holding continues to move forward with confidence with renewed passion for its business.


A Major Change in the 32nd Year


For more than 32 years, we have been carrying the group forward through the strength we acquired from our past. We are among the exemplary companies via the work we have undertaken, both domestically and abroad. We contribute substantially to the economy of our country through the investments we have made by placing great importance with research and development. Our main strategies have always been to focus on our future target, and embrace and manage change.


Service All Around the World


From the beginning of 2014, we will carry on to the future hand in hand, along with the corporate mind. Similar to how the area within boundaries of our country felt inadequate for our ancestors in the past, the commercial boundaries of our new corporate structure will encompass the whole world. Becoming a company of choice all around the world through the distinctive products which we will develop as to have high added value, the services we will render with high standards and the benefits we will procure for the customer will be the principal aim for all of us.


Rafet Tükek

Chairman of the Executive Board