For Our Customers

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As per the principles of Integrity, Respect, Understanding and Empathy, we ground our business approach on the benefit provided to our customers and protect the rights of our customers as we protect our own rights. We make sure our customers can trust our company and have confidence in that we fully support our products. We handle customer issues delicately and take every measure in order to avoid repetition of such issues.


In a general sense, CRM stands for interacting more efficiently with customers, understanding customers and their needs better and developing products and services as per customer needs. Maintaining a long business life with added value is possible via CRM work. Highly advanced technology is essential for efficient and long term CRM work.


After the technological investment is made, a CRM culture that places the customer in the center will be formed and both the customers and the companies will benefit from this culture in the long term.



ISO 10002


At the beginning of 2013, Tükek Holding added the ISO 10002 system to its existing quality management systems ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. The holding started and continues to implement customer feedback management applications that are formed in accordance with the aforementioned ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling Standard.


Within this scope, Tükek Holding aims to handle customer feedback more efficiently, improve the related processes and thus, maintain the sustainability of customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of the ISO 10002 standard.


Requirements of the ISO 10002 Standard


• Companies must focus on the customer

• Company management must support the process and make commitments in regard to the process

• Tüm şirket çalışanlarının süreç ile ilgili görev ve sorumluluklarını biliyor ve uyguluyor olması

• All company employees must acknowledge and fulfil their duties and responsibilities in regard to the process

• All complaints (including unjustified ones) must be recorded

• Complaint must be handled and scrutinized

• Root causes of complaints must be identified and prevented from reoccurring

• All reasonable solutions must be evaluated while planning development actions

• Complainants must be informed at every stage of the process

• All correspondences and examination documents on the complaint must be recorded

• Process performance criteria must be identified and tracked


Tükek Holding has complemented the efforts it exhausted in the field of customer satisfaction until today with an ISO 10002 Customer Complaints Management System Certificate. The success of Tükek Holding, which is the first organization to be granted the aforementioned certificate in its sector, depends heavily on the “Customer Value and Satisfaction” measurement and evaluation system which has been implemented since 1999 as a fundamental application of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


ISO 9001


The ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System owned by Tükek Holding since 1999 is adopted by all employees and the management and its requirements are continued to be fulfilled. Quality Management Systems are reviewed and enhanced as per the principle of continuous improvement with a process approach; the applications are inspected annually by an independent company. As a result of such inspections, areas open to improvement are identified and subjected to enhancement and development procedures.


As a requirement of the ISO 9001 Standard and in order to manage improvement, our company has identified and continues to implement 8 Quality Management Principles.


1) Customer Orientation: Tükek Holding bases its business on devotion to its customers and customer satisfaction. Within this scope, the holding aims continues its business with all its accumulated knowledge and experience to go beyond customer wishes while at the same time aiming to meet customer terms by measuring and analyzing current and future customer needs. Besides managing customer expectations and demands, Tükek Holding is also swift and efficient in management and resolution of customer complaints.


2) Leadership: As per the goals and objectives defined by the senior management, an in-house environment in which full participation of employees in all departments is ensured is created and maintained for the purpose of achieving the defined targets.


3) Participation of Employees: The foundation of Tükek Holding is formed by the employees in every level within body of the organization. It is ensured for employees to fully participate in management system operations and for their skills to be used for the benefit of the organization. Within this scope, employee suggestion and performance systems are implemented.


4) Process Approach: In our corporation, activities and resources that are essential to attain the desired result are aimed to be managed as a process. Within this scope, process approach is implemented and activities are managed via main processes and sub processes.


5) System Approach in Management: System approach is implemented in achieving goals and comprehending and managing processes by ensuring that related processes are identified as a system within body of the holding.


6) Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement is ensured by usage of systems such as 6 Sigma, Suggestion System and Corrective and Preventive Actions in order to perpetually enhance the total performance of the organization.


7) Realistic Approach in Decision-Making: Efficient decision making systems are applied by tracking the process performance and analyzing the data and information.


8) Supplier Relationships with Mutual Benefits: Systems that create value for both sides, in which mutual interests are looked after together with Suppliers and which ensures continuous development for Suppliers and their performance by managing them