For Our Employees

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Employee Suggestion System


Taking into consideration the principles of love, respect, good faith, equality, participation, integrity, constructiveness, sharing and fairness, we strive to employ those who have the customer and corporate culture and values of Tükek Holding and who is essential for the position, knows the significance of customers, is willing to learn and improve himself/herself, bases his/her work on efficiency and determination, and adopts an approach that focuses on the system. We give precedence to contributing to the professional and personal improvement of such employees and enable them to use their potential in the most productive way.


Employees usually want to participate in the decision making in order to internalize the company they work at. In this context, the suggestion system offers every employee the opportunity to contribute to the system and the management. Employees get the chance to identify the problems in every area they wish and articulate, if they have any, their corrective suggestions on the subject via the suggestion system. Suggestions are transferred to the system via both an electronic communication platform and suggestion boxes present in various areas. Obtained suggestions or identified problems form a basis for our improvement operations and provide contribution to management.


Performance Management System


Every company that undertakes management with objectives must absolutely have performance indicators. Tükek Holding, which handles executive matters with the motto “You cannot manage before you measure”, has identified the key success factors defined for its set goals at the beginning of the term. The identified key success factors were assigned to categories in accordance with the 5-Dimensional Capital structure and the companies and departments defined their strategies in accordance with the vision. This vision was first scaled down to the companies, then the departments of the companies and finally, to individuals via the Performance Management System.


In Tükek Holding, management of individual performance is derived from the total of three different measurements. The first of these is the score that is generated after the measurements of key success factors that the department to which the individual is affiliated with has identified in regard to its strategy. The second one is the work competency degree which is measured upon evaluation of an employee’s process knowledge by his/her supervisor while the third one consists of the digitizing of the employee’s behavioral competencies, which cannot essentially be digitized, through the evaluation his/her supervisor. When these three measurements are gathered the employee’s Performance Chart is generated.


OHSAS 18001


In 2012, as per the principle of “Preventing All Work Accidents” in the production of technical leather, suede, fabric and polyurethane, Tükek Holding has established the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in order to provide a safe and health work environment. The holding continues to implement and improve the system.


As a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Standard, our company acts in accordance with the principles below and applies all solutions in order to provide a safe and healthy work environment.


• Planning and managing improvement activities in regard to work safety and health,

• Analyzing current risks,

• Planning and managing emergency procedures, being prepared for such emergencies,

• Always putting employee health and safety first,

• Training employees and raising their awareness,

• Creating safer work environments via taking visual and operational measures in work areas.