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About Us


Today, Tükek Holding is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of technical leather, suede (flocked fabric), upholstery fabric, woven fabric and polyurethane raw material.



The holding carries out its production via the manufacture areas in its Leather, suede, Fabric and Poliser PU Factories. In the field of retail sales, Tükek Holding provides its services via the brand Sertex.


Flokser Leather Fabric



Flokser Çerkezköy Factory, which started its activities in the year 1986 via production of flocked fabrics within the body of Tükek Holding, has the largest facilities in the group. The factory now has an annual production capacity of 12 million tons in an indoor area of 110.000 square-meters in its new facilities, of which the foundations were laid in 2009.


Flokser Suede and Fabric Factory


Flokser Suede factory, which now has the largest flocked fabric weaving and printing facilities in the world, provides products for all 7 continents through manufacturing high quality and patented flocked fabrics. Flokser, which continues to use its experience at the said production center via manufacture weaving fabrics, provides services in the fabric sector through raw materials such as velvet, linen, viscose, copper wool, thread bobbin and dye.


Sertex, which is Flokser’s brand, continues to offer its consumers products that capture the trends in leather, suede and fabric and are at high quality norms. In addition to being very compatible, these products are very distinctive than other products in the sector and to the taste of those with high standards.


Polyurethane Factory



Poliser, which is within the Chemistry Group of the holding, rapidly continues to move on forward in the sale of insulation rigid (refrigerators, cold room panels, sandwich panel, spray, pipe isolation, decoration), filter, integral (office furniture armbands, various car parts, cables), shoes (slipper, sole, fussbett, labor safety), molded sponges, adhesives and artificial leather polyurethanes through its advanced polyurethane technologies. The company has adopted the vision of becoming the regional leader in the sector by the year 2015.