Communication Principles

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The communication strategies of Tükek Holding are based on the primacy of the company’s innovative and technological development and the image that arises from the sustainable growth of a long-established structure. The communication, advertisement and marketing work of the group and group brands are based on the real features and performance of group brand products. This integrity is a fundamental principle we have adopted in order to earn and maintain the loyalty of our customers. The provisions regarding this principle are:


- Providing all advertisement and promotion materials as based on proven performance and scientific data.


- Providing fair and realistic definitions and visuals for our products.


- Making sure that the intended and correct use of our products are provided as to be easily understandable by consumers.


- Acting sensitively in regard to religions, ethnicities, cultures and social groups.


- Avoiding product launches in media (such as TV or radio programs, magazines and digital media) that encourages aggressive or offensive acts in challenge and pull strategies and hatred towards others.


- Taking care for all our communication and advertisement actions against B2B or B2C to be in compliance with the Tükek Holding spirit.