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We Bring Innovation to Every Aspect of Life


Poliser PU, which is incorporated within the body of Tükek Holding, manufactures polyurethane systems for various sectors such as construction, artificial leather, footwear, cooling-heating and automobile industries. Poliser PU provides services to polyurethane-using sectors at full capacity through the products and technologies it has developed and the new technologies created by the brand has given it a significant rank in Turkey and a share in the global market.


Poliser PU carries out production in the Tükek Holding İstanbul Hadımköy Factory which is established as to have an indoor surface area of 65.000 square-meters. The company, which was established with %100 Turkish capital, is the first and only manufacturer of artificial leather polyurethane; Poliser PU polyurethane systems are sold in the global market as well. Since the day it was established, the company has continuously increased its production capacity via new investments and aimed to become sector leader in Turkey, as well as ranking among the top sector companies of the world.


While the Head Office of Poliser PU is located in Hadımköy-İstanbul, the brand exports its polyurethane systems to more than 20 countries in many regions such as the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa. Aiming to become a leading brand in the sector, Poliser PU has always advanced the polyurethane systems it manufactures with the investments it has made in R&D and the new technologies developed by its dynamic R&D group. Poliser PU is a brand that has progressed in the sector through the support of its business partners and ranks as the leader in Turkey and the countries it exports to. The brand’s growth and performance continues to increase via its expert personnel, usage of advanced technology and strengthened brand image.


- 2006 Poliser PU; 24.000 ton/yıl hammadde üretim kapasitesi ile kuruldu. Suni Deri Poliüretan üretimine başlandı. Flokser, Türkiye’de 500 büyük sanayi kuruluşları arasına girmeyi başardı. - 2007 Ayakkabı sektörü için Poliüretan sistemlerin üretimine başlandı.


- 2008 Yapı sektörü için Rigid poliüretan sistemlerin üretimine başlandı.


- 2010 Özel kaplama ürünlerine yönelik poliüretan sistemlerin üretimine başladı.


- 2012 Poliser PU, yaptığı yeni yatırımlarla, mevcut sistemlerin üretim kapasitesini arttırmıştır.