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Smart Fabric

Sertex serves various sectors such as upholstery, clothing, book-binding, and footwear by manufacturing leather, suede and fabrics for these industries. The brand provides services at full capacity for the leather, suede and fabric sector through the products and technologies it develops. Sertex also operates in the global arena via its advanced technology textile production.


Sertex carries out production in its İstanbul Hadımköy Leather Factory which is established as to have an indoor surface area of 65.000 square-meters and manufactures 100% PU and PU/PVC leather, nonwoven fabrics and circular knitting fabrics for products of upholstery, clothing, purse manufacture and footwear sectors. Sertex Suede and Fabric Factories, which have become the world’s largest integrated flocked fabric weaving and printing facilities, manufacture the highest quality patented flocked fabrics for all 7 continents. These factories, of which the foundations were laid in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, produce upholstery suede and weaving fabrics with a total indoor surface are of 110.000 square-meters and 12,000.000 tons of annual production capacity.


While the Head Office of Sertex is located in Hadımköy-İstanbul, the brand exports to many regions such as Europe, the Middle East, the Balkans, the Far East, North America and South America. Sertex has combined various techniques that provide features such as water-tightness, easy cleaning, fire resistance and anti-bacterial protection with the products in the category of upholstery fabrics; the brand has adopted the principle of developing products that enrich life and improve the quality of life of its consumers. The achievements of Sertex were complemented by the awards granted from significant organizations and establishments. Some of the awards and certificates of appreciation that have been granted to Sertex are provided below;


  • 2001 İTKİP Golden Success Award
  • 2006 İSİDEF Outstanding Success Award
  • 2007 İSİDEF Outstanding Success Award
  • 2007 HASİAD Award
  • 2008 ÇOSB Plaque of Honor
  • 2008 İSİDEF Üstün Başarı Ödülü
  • 2008 İSİDEF Outstanding Success Award
  • 2010 İTKİP Success Award
  • 2010 TUBITAK Success Award for the Development of New Generation Micro Fiber Artificial Leather Technology
  • 2010 MOOD Best Product Award
  • 2010 DOĞTAŞ Best Supplier Award
  • 2011 2011 TOBB Economical Value Contributors Award
  • 2011 Uludağ Association of Textile Exporters R&D Award
  • 2012 Uludağ Association of Textile Exporters R&D Award